Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July everybody! Bry has been able to call everyday for the last three days and it's been awesome; I'm a brand new woman! We just got home from watching the fireworks at Weber High. Bryan and I watched them together.. well him in SD and me in UT, but we were on the phone and fireworks were going off in both places. It was a good night. How was the 4th for everyone, and what did you do? I went to the Woods' house had BBQ w/ the whole fam, and then half of us stay at the house and the other half walk to Weber High. This year I sat in the middle in my van while I talked to Bry and then joined Jayden, Ammon, and everyone else and watched fireworks at WHS. You know absence really does make the heart grow fonder. Man, I miss Bryan and love him more than ever! Sorry this might be a bit mushy for anyone reading this, but oh well. I tell the whole world that I love my Hubby..

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Lisa said...

Hey sara... This is Lisa Tubbs (your old neighbors :) Some how I found your blog (blog surfing). Anyway how are you all doing? I have a blog too, but it is private. Email me at so I can invite you.